Centrifugal Impact Crusher

Vertical Impact Crusher (Rock & Rock)

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This machine is capable of producing high quality combinatorial products (sand and gravel for asphalt and concrete) and crushing all kinds of hard and soft minerals (silica,  feldspar, zinc, dolomite, barite, etc.).
This machine performs complete crushing operations on them.
The crushing operation in this crusher is rock-on-rock, which on the one hand reduces the depreciation of the internal parts of the machine compared to similar machines, and on the other hand, increases the percentage of fracture and multifaceted materials.

Technical Specifications

• Benefiting from rock-on-rock crushing technology that minimizes abrasion of interior parts.
• Use of Hordox 400 sheets in the rotor and the parts in direct contact with the mineral for slower depreciation
• Use of hammer with tungsten carbide blade
• Low maintenance costs