After Sale Services

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After Sale Services

In agreement with its mission of offering products and services of increasing quality so as to draw more of customer satisfaction, Mahan San’at Industry attempts to provide its clientele with proper after-sale services including technical consultation in various respects, all mounting work, repair services and follow-ups so that customers’ needs and wants are satisfied.

The Company always seeks to design its products in such a way that after-sale services are not, in most cases, required and if any, such services are provided in the least possible time.

Any machine is provided with a manual containing necessary instructions about how to mount, launch and maintain it.

Therefore, all products of the Company are under guarantee in either of the two following ways:

  1. Guarantee with free parts replacement

All production lines and equipment benefit from a six-month to one-year guarantee of Mahan San’at Company.

It is noteworthy that guarantee period can be extended if agreed-upon by a customer.

  1. Parts procurement guarantee

All equipment and parts of products delivered to customers have a special code and technical documents which are permanently archived by the Company. Mahan San’at Company guarantees to procure for a period of 10 years parts required by the customers with the exact specifications utilized in their purchased products.

Having agreed-upon by parties, there is also a possibility for after-sale services to be provided for machineries exported to foreign countries.

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