Policy of the Company

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Policy of the Company

Mahan San’at Company, as one of the biggest reputable manufacturers of machineries and equipments of industries like road construction, mining and casting, announces its policy toward promoting the Company’s trade mark and augmenting customer satisfaction:

To foster customer satisfaction by relying on principles of consumerism and today and future demands of customers

To satisfy commitments and dully accomplish contracts and projects

To constantly quality-control products and improve their qualitative and quantitative level

To improve organizational capabilities, human resources and managerial objectives

To employ and observe national and international requirements and standards so as to improve product realization processes

To ceaselessly upgrade applied systems and augment the Company’s productivity by information technology management

Ebrahim Yusefiyan

CEO of Mahan San’at Company

Mr. E.Yousefiyan
Mr. A.Rabiee
Co. Manager
Mr. B.Ahmadzadeh
Co. Manager
Mr. A.H.Rabiee
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