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Impact Crusher N.S

Impact Crusher N.S – This device is of the secondary stone crusher with horizontal axis and is used in converting materials into the smaller size with the dimension of maximum 100 mm.
With stone is entered the device, stone are contacted to the wall of anvils designed inside the device using moment as a result of revolving of rotor, and then, stones are turned into the smaller sizes.
This type of device is produced in different sizes in two forms of normal and hoist with jack.
Parts can be changed easily in the device which is equipped with hoist jack.


Equipped with main shaft and rotor of disc type made of steel with changeable coatings
Equipped with proper bearing for easy revolving of horizontal axis
Using anti-abrasive steel in abrasive parts
Rotor of the device is machinated with high precision
Using similar liners for easy supply of parts

Impact Crusher N.S

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