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Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan – This device is tasked with sucking dryer’s inside air and creating reverse pressure inside the dryer.

The dust as a result of rotation of materials is guided towards the silicon and filter using suction.

The fan of this device is produced in various flat and backward types, so that the size of this device has direct relation with the type of materials and/or existence of hydro filter and/or bag filter in the outlet route.

The possibility of regulating and setting degree of suction is of the salient advantage of this device.

It should be noted that this device is used vastly in suction and ventilation systems.


* Fan manufactured with anti-abrasive steel sheet,

* Main axis equipped with strengthened bearing using an integrated system,

* Full seal for preventing entrance of dust to the device’s rotor

* Equipped with suction regulating damper

Exhaust Fan

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