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Elevator of Materials

Elevator of Materials – This device is responsible for transferring and conveying aggregates heated by dryer to the upper part of the factory’s tower.

Since these aggregates are equipped with various dimensions, this device has been designed properly in order to regulate distance of bucket and aggregates automatically.

Meanwhile, special chains are used in order to prevent stretching and tearing.

A backstop system is designed in upper part of the device which prevents reverse rotary of the buckets at the time of brake and/or repair and maintenance services.

The outlet of the system includes double-sided shoot which guides materials towards riddle and/or guides materials from backside of the riddle into the storage tank.


* Equipped with automatic regulating system

* Equipped with buckets with strengthened and improved edges of anticorrosive steel and strengthening jetty connection part

* Equipped with reverse brake system

* Equipped with double-piece wheels for easy repair and maintenance services

* Equipped with gate and materials outlet control shoot system

Elevator of Materials

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