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Address:  No 110 , Naji Street , Ferarat , Shahriyar , Tehran , Iran

Dryer – In this giant industrial and production complex, asphalt of materials is entered inside dryer and required temperature is provided between 6 to 16 million/ calorie using a torch device.

Equipped with proper blade, this device conveys materials to horizontal rotary and transmission furnace and after this stage, humidity inside the kernel of materials is reduced noticeably,

so that aggregates are heated and warmed between 140 to 180 degrees of centigrade (140 C° – 180 C°) and micron – sized granules are isolated from materials and then, they are transferred by the exhaust fan inside the silicon.

Finally, materials are transferred and transported to the elevator of materials with the required temperature.


* Equipped with gear or amortization power transmission system

* Equipped with coating in order to prevent energy wastage

* Equipped with two radiation and connection parts

* Easy changeable internal blades with anti-abrasive steel

* Equipped with preservative / conservator in order to prevent longitudinal movement of the device

Dryer .

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