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Portable Stone Crusher

Crushers, or crushing and processing equipment, are widely used in most industries, especially in the mineral industry

This equipment provide granulation, material transfer and powder production and processing, some of the industries that can be mentioned include cement, plaster, ceramics and coal, copper, gold, zinc, iron, building materials.

The crushing equipment includes several of the following:

Primary crushing: Includes feeders, such as feeders and jaws, impact crusher (cone crusher) and cone crusher.

Secondary crushing: It can include all of the above equipment, with the addition of other equipment; the granulation of its outlet material is smaller.

Grinding and powdering is the third stage of grinding, the finer beads in the previous stage become porous with the help of some equipment.

Mahan Sanat Kani engineering company is one of the best producers of mining and processing equipment in Iran using the world’s today technology.

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Portable Stone Crusher
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