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Foundry equipment – Foundry is considered as one of the main types of industry and has a vast scope such as ingot (which including steel, cast iron, aluminum and so on).

It is required to some equipment and tools for foundry which is caused to increase production efficiency, accuracy, speed and finally product quality.

Until decades ago, all of these facilities and machinery were supplied from other countries.

Mahan Sanat Company is proud of being one of equipment and foundry machineries manufacturers which has been designing, manufacturing and installing machinery and equipment for this industry in order to meet the needs of esteemed consumers with its experience, updated knowledge and also with its capable personnel.

Some of the products of Mahan Sanat Kani Engineering Company are:

* Design and manufacture of co2 and sand gravel molding lines

* Design and manufacture of some types of mixers

* Design and construction of a sand plant

* Design and manufacture of co2 sand recycling lines

* Design and manufacture of all types of screen and shakeout

* Design and manufacture of industrial filters

Foundry equipment

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Resin Sand Making Machine
Pneumatic Shot
Mixer Bucket
Bag Filter
Mixers Irish
Continuous Mixer
Sand Reclamation Line CO2
Stone Cleaning
Shake Out
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