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Bag Filter

Bag Filter – Controlling environmental pollutants is regarded as one of the major concerns of factories producing asphalt, gypsum and cement.

Despite common standards, the aforementioned pollution emitted from factories producing asphalt and gypsum blocks the possibility of activity of these factories located adjacent to the macro cities and natural environments.

These factories have made their utmost efforts since long years ago for solving this major problem, so that these factories have considered and installed various types of filtration and electrostatic systems in these factories.

It should be noted that bag filter, which is manufactured at Mahan Sanat Company, is regarded as one of the best and low depreciation-yielding types of filter that has been produced and commissioned with the world’s latest technology.

This device embarks on cleansing bags using natural air reverse system. This operation causes that a great number of pneumatic valves and nozzles above each bag are removed, so that the device is operated in multistage basis.

That is to say that when some part of bags are involved in absorption of dust from air emitted from dryer, another part of bags is discharging the absorbed dust with the same amount of air sucked by the exhaust fan.

Less depreciation, high productivity and economical and logical usage are salient advantages of this device.


Bag Filter

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