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Introducing Mechanism and Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Baking Factory

This complex is equipped with several equipment and machinery that produces required asphalt using raw materials including gravel, bitumen, filler and other additives if required.

The raw materials in 4 to 6 types of grading are loaded inside cold silo funnels and are transferred by tape feeders which are controllable with the determined ratios on tapes of transferring materials up to the dryer that is tasked with drying materials.

With circulation of materials inside this device and high temperature, its kernel and core is dried, so that its humidity is evaporated. Due to the circulation and partial temperature, micron-size grains are separated from aggregates and are sucked by exhaust fan and are precipitated inside a device named “Cyclone” using eccentric mechanism.

These precipitated materials are transferred by screw feeders to the elevator of filler and are stored at upper part of the tower. The materials, reached to the temperature of 140 – 180 degrees of centigrade (140 C°-180 C°) with dried kernel, are transferred to the elevator of materials and then are transferred to super stratum of the tower.

The materials in the super stratum of the tower are sorted by a riddle device to the suitable grading and are kept inside four or six tanks.

It should be noted that bitumen is one of the additives of asphalt that is kept by oil heating system at the temperature of 110 to 140 degrees of centigrade (110 C° to 140 C°) with storing inside flask and supplying temperature.

In the same direction, bitumen is weighed at the time of dire need to automatic commands and is added inside the mixer.

The materials are weighed separately and filler and bitumen are weighed separately as well. Generally, materials are mixed inside the mixer pot.

The mixture is prepared due to the climatic conditions with merged conditions and other additives can be added to it if required.

Some of these additives such as cement and acids are required for bitumen and pigment which have been considered as option in designing the device.

Storing asphalt is the other part of this industrial complex.

Due to the existence of different distances in distribution of asphalt to the consumer, this possibility is provided to prevent repetitive off and on (POWER ON and OFF) of the device, so that energy consumption is saved remarkably.

As benefited from high technical and engineering capability, Mahan Sanat Kani Engineering Company has commissioned and launched this giant industrial complex in various models and capacities using world state-of-the-art technology.

It is worth mentioning that asphalt is produced at this giant asphalt Baking Factory in capacities of 80, 100, 120, 160 and 240 tons/hour in two MARINI AND KOMACO projects.

This company also has embarked on producing and designing asphalt baking portable device in order to meet requirements of some customers.

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