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Cold Mix Asphalt Production Factory

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cold asphalt

Cold mix asphalt has longer lifetime than the warm mix asphalt due to the following reasons:
Unique and unparalleled stability, resistant against high temperature and high coldness,
Lack of creation of long and wide cracks,
No need to sealing operations
Cold mix asphalt prevents creation of pit on surface of streets and thoroughfares, etc.
It should be noted that cold mix asphalt is a mixture of stone materials and mixed bitumen or bitumen emulsion, so that mixture of its materials is taken after at the temperature of the environment.
In some cases and depending on the approval of the Monitoring Unit, the consumed bitumen is warmed before mix operation, but stone materials are not heated.
Due to the market requirements, Mahan Sanat Kani Engineering Company is regarded as one of the forerunners and pioneers of this industry, so that the company has embarked on designing and manufacturing a giant complex for producing cold mix asphalt according to the world’s latest and most modern technology.
It is worth mentioning that asphalt is produced at this company in different portable capacities.