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It includes a set of several devices that gives the buyer the possibility, after a few processes on the sand it turns to gravel resin ,making and molding for its muscles.


Due to the low volume of high performance.
The desirable  quality of materials produced in gradation and mix.
Strategic simple and easy
The fully automatic production.

This device is designed and built it transport bulk materials and fine.
In various industries for material movement during the height of the routes being considered can be used.
Pneumatic shot portability foundry sand and chromite stone and bentonite powder and any material with fine powder structure is able.


 Can transport up to a height of 60 meters and places where access is difficult.
 The automatic planning.
 Mechanism and simple maintenance.
 Less space and high performance.

This machine is suitable for mixing sand with other additives manually in capacity is low.
According to the internal structure of the blades to completely mix all ingredients and ready to be used.


Portable mixers in different parts of the workshop
Power mix up
Ability fruiting minimum
the mechanism is simple and low cost maintenance

It returns to gravel crushing and sizing or separation and sand grain output from the format used. Using vibration system of separating from each other, are grains of sand. The different types can be designed according to the place of consumption.


Boilers made interchangeable with anti-wear plate
Electric motors with adjustable amplitude of vibration
Simple and robust structure
Low maintenance costs

It’s one of the best and up to date mixer for mixing sand with other additives or were refractory to prepare for the production of sand and is widely used in industries at the same time, due to the rotation of the blades Penn photo under certain angle to each other at speeds significantly the perfect mix.


Body and chassis solid
Plated tungsten blades
The body has antiwar with interchangeable liners
Floor mixer with interchangeable liners anti abrasion
Control and command all PLC

One of the problems of sand casting is expensive disposable in the manufacturing process. Thereby increasing the cost and storage or disposal of sand is returned, sand reclamation line with the procedure applicable to all sand has returned and reduce production costs.

The equipment line

Shake out to discharge the foundry
Aggregate crusher for crushing
sand drier to burn pitches

crusher for grinding sand
Classifier for particle size sand
Shot from sand to sand the cabinets
Bag filters for filtration of contaminated air generated in line

The device will have wide applications and is also suitable for recycling sand is returned by heating sand in the sand resin has been impregnated with resin will burn and this would be separated from each other sand grains and in the manufacture of sand is also used for drying the sand after washing.


Body and chassis strong and durable
A torch with gas and diesel fuel
Can be connected to the ventilation system

This machine is suitable for cleaning isolated location pouring and large burrs are created in the space between the two mold pieces according to the buyer’s requirements and pendants are produced in two types of fixed.


Cost cleaning operations
the cleaning at different Angeles with stone pendant
Strategic and simple operation easy
Safety and security when cleaning

The device for transporting and unloading fast and acc
Urate pouring of the molten material is that due to the type of lava such as iron , steel , aluminium ,etc.
Type of spillway and bottom discharge planner and  tpatdesigned and manufactured in various capacities.


 High precision liquid discharge

 Security pouring
 has lock arms and Transmission
 A stencil lining

This machine is suitable for discharging sand casting parts through the casting mechanical method.
The device  according to the dimensions that need to be evacuated and are produced in different sizes.


Ability to load 500 kg to 100 tones

 Amplitude adjustable desk

Wear resistant networks

Robust and resistant body

quick access
Resin Sand Making Machine
Pneumatic Shot
Mixer Bucket
Bag Filter
Mixers Irish
Continuous Mixer
Sand Reclamation Line CO2
Stone Cleaning
Shake Out
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