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cold asphalt

Cold Mix Asphalt Production Factory

Cold mix asphalt has longer lifetime than the warm mix asphalt due to the following reasons: Unique and unparalleled stability, resistant against high temperature and

cold aggregates silos

Cold Aggregates Silo

In the asphalt department, this machine is responsible for primary aggregate storage with  different grading in its tanks and uniform and controllable loading of materials

feeding tapes

Feeding Tapes

This machine is responsible for transporting discharged material from cold silo feeders to the dryer and seems to be one of the best material transportation



In the asphalt baking set, the materials are entered into the dryer where a heat burner supplies the heat required between 6 and 16 million



In the asphalt baking complex, this device is responsible for the deposition of micronized powdered material. Due to the suctioning of a centrifugal fan device,

Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan

This machine is designed to suck the air inside the dryer and create a reverse pressure inside it. By this suction, the dust resulting from

Agrregate Elevator

Aggregate Elevator

This machine is responsible for transporting heated aggregates by the dryer to the top of the factory tower. Since these aggregates have different dimensions and



 The screen is responsible for separating raw materials into 4 to 6 types of grading. After segregation, it transfers the materials to the hot bin,



The mixer assembly is one of the major and important components of the asphalt baking plant, which is responsible for uniform mixing of weighed materials.

water filter

Water Filter

This device is suitable for settling dust exiting from the asphalt baking plant. Using a pressure drop system and spraying water on the dust, the

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