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Bag Filter

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bag filter

One of the problems of asphalt, gypsum, and cement plants is the control of environmental pollutants, which, due to the current standards, prevents the operation of these complexes near megacities and natural environments.
The manufacturers of these complexes have long sought to solve this problem and have considered and used different types of filtration systems for the factories.
Bag filter, designed and manufactured by Mahan Sanat Co., is one of the best filter types with lowest depreciation rate, which has been made with the latest technology of the world and put into operation.
This device cleans the bags using the ail flow reversement system return system.
This mechanism eliminates the need for a large number of pneumatic valves and nozzles above each bag and makes the machine work in a multi-step fashion.
That is, when a part of the bags is involved in absorbing dust exiting from the dryer, another part of the bags is draining the dust absorbed by the same air sucked by the exhaust fan.
The advantages of this device are low depreciation, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Technical Specifications

• Nomex bags with a temperature resistance up to 240 °C
• Internal lattice steel plated grids
• Including centrifugal suction fan with a suitable capacity
• Including PLC steering system
• Lower filler conveying system with rotary valve