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Aggregate Elevator

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Agrregate Elevator

This machine is responsible for transporting heated aggregates by the dryer to the top of the factory tower.
Since these aggregates have different dimensions and are heated, the device is designed to automatically adjust the distance between buckets and aggregates.
Also, special chains are used to prevent the stretching and rapture so that the connection will not be ruptured or stretched due to the heating.
A backstop system is embedded at the top section of the device to prevent reverse rotation of buckets in case of emergecy shut down.
The output of the device has a two-way shooting system that directs the material toward the screen or to the storage tank from the back of the screen.

Technical specifications

• Including an automatic adjustment system
• Buckets with reinforced edges made of wear-proof (ant-abrasion) steel and the reinforced  u bolt connection part
• Including backstop
• Double half wheels for ease of maintenance
• Including gateand chute for controlling material output