Mahan Sanat Kani Eng co.

Design,manufacture & installiation

Asphalt Plant , Crusher plant , concrete plant , casting plant

Mahan Sanat Kani Eng Co.

started its business in 2002 with its then name ‘Bartaran Engineering Company’ over an area of 80 square meters to provide technical and engineering services including machinery designing; production consultation; procurement of production procedure, quality control stages, purchase list and project technical documents; and execution of research and development projects. Assisted by diligence of its management and personnel, the Company succeeded to, in the least possible time; accomplish such important projects as designing Shahrekord Cement Crushing Plant and Kermanshah Petrochemistry Urea and Ammonia Line beside many technical services offered to production industries.
Considering opportunities and market demands in 2003, the Company launched its production plant in an area of 500 square meters and took measures to produce machineries and equipment designed by its production unit. In this time period, the Company started producing equipment of cement and casting industries and minerals grading line.
In 2006, the Company changed its name from ‘Bartaran Engineering Company’ to its current name ‘Mahan San’at Company’ and focused its expertise on machineries and equipment of road construction, mining and casting. Taking advantage of the world’s then technology and capabilities of its managers and staff, Mahan San’at Company succeeded to design and put into start many machineries and equipment.
Presently, Mahan San’at Company with its land area of nearly 11350 square meters, benefiting from its perfect production equipment and assisted by its various divisions including designing and engineering, quality control, production, cutting, rolling and painting, continues to provide services to industries, to help develop Iran’s underlying infrastructures and to export its products to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and African countries like Cameroun, Congo, Nigeria and Uganda.
Mahan San’at Company, placing higher emphasis on the issue of product quality, also embraces creativity and innovation in activities and product creation. Making a constant endeavor to observe international quality standards, the Company seeks to create products of a wide range of diversity and application.
Main factors of Mahan San’at Company’s success:
Making use of high-tech equipment
Innovation and creativity
Employing professional work force
Strong connection with its customers
Procurement of useful after sale services

POLICY OF THE COMPANY Mahan San’at Company, as one of the biggest reputable manufacturers of machineries and equipments of industries like road construction, mining and casting, announces its policy toward promoting the Company’s trade mark and augmenting customer satisfaction: To foster customer satisfaction by relying on principles of consumerism and today and future demands of customers To satisfy commitments and dully accomplish contracts and projects To constantly quality-control products and improve their qualitative and quantitative level To improve organizational capabilities, human resources and managerial objectives To employ and observe national and international requirements and standards so as to improve product realization processes To ceaselessly upgrade applied systems and augment the Company’s productivity by information technology management Ebrahim Yusefiyan CEO of Mahan San’at Company

Along its increasingly developing programs, Mahan San’at Company under management of Mr. Eng. Ebrahim Yusefiyan seeks to reach higher positions in the global industry and commerce. For this purpose, the Company has constructed and launched the biggest factories complex for industrial and mining machineries with unique capabilities of producing a wide range of batching plant, track mixer, sand grading equipment, asphalt plant and all building and road construction machineries.
This Company, assisted by technical and experiential power of its professional human force as well as the latest world technology, continues to provide useful services to many production units such as constructers of skyscrapers, buildings, bridges, dams and roads, named a few, by designing and manufacturing building and road construction machineries.
Mahan Sana’at Company, placing higher emphasis on the issue of product quality, embraces creativity and innovation in activities and product creation. Making a constant endeavor to observe international quality standards, the Company seeks to create products of a wide range of diversity and application.
The Company, as one of the biggest manufacturers of this field, considers procurement of useful services to customers and influential fulfillment of their demands as its main principle of activity development.
A consumeristic attitude ruling activities of the Company has led, from the very early stage of its development, to considering customer satisfaction, improvement of product and service quality, constant innovation and creativity in creating new machineries, improvement of technical backup services efficiency and healthy competition with rivals as the main principles and values of Mahan San’at Company.
To augment production capacity together with product quality and also to pay attention and satisfy whatever demands of customers are of the main missions of this Company.

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